How do I cut the wrinkled snowball?

How do I cut the wrinkled snowball?

As a densely growing and evergreen plant, the wrinkled viburnum is particularly suitable as a privacy and noise protection or for a hedge. If it is never pruned, the shrub tends to become bald near the ground. She can avoid that with a regular cut.

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Precautions When Cutting the Wrinkled Snowball

The fine hairs on the back of the leaf of the wrinkled snowball can trigger allergic reactions. As an allergy sufferer, you should therefore use protective goggles and a mask when pruning the shrub. The same applies to sensitive people who could possibly suffer from breathing difficulties when breathing in the fine hairs.

When is the right time to cut?

While many types of snowball are pruned after flowering, you can prune the wrinkle-leaved snowball as early as late February on a frost-free day. Annually the shrub grows a little less than half a meter and becomes about 3.5 m high.

First cut out all dry and diseased branches and those that rub against each other. Then shape the wrinkled snowball a bit. Avoid cutting off too many flower bases. The bloom of the wrinkled snowball begins in May. The decorative fruits are red at first and later turn black.

The taper cut

If you have not pruned your shrub for a few years, it may already begin to shed near the ground. Now only a strong taper cut will help. Shorten all the shoots by about half. You will probably have to give up flowering for the next season, but the wrinkled snowball is tough enough to recover quickly.

The most important cutting tips:

  • Topiary in early spring (around the end of February)
  • Cut on frost-free days
  • use clean, sharp tools
  • strong rejuvenation cut in case of baldness
  • Allergy sufferers should use mouth and eye protection


Allergy sufferers should not prune the wrinkled snowball without protective goggles and a mask.