How can you propagate green lilies?

How can you propagate green lilies?

Multiplication by division

A large green lily can be divided relatively easily. The best time to do this is to repot. Then you take the plant out of the ground anyway. After untangling the roots as thoroughly as possible, carefully break the plant apart with your hands. If possible, the roots should not be damaged any further.

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Now plant each part in its own flower pot. A few shards of pottery on the floor prevent waterlogging. Mix a little well-rotted compost into the potting soil or fertilize the partial plants a little. This will make it easier for them to grow further.

Propagation by offshoots

The easiest way to multiply the green lily is to plant the small cuttings when they have already formed roots. If the plants are still very small, you can plant two cuttings together in one pot. This looks especially nice if you have Kindel in different colors, for example a single color and a green lily with a yellow stripe.

If the offshoots or kindels, as they are also called, have no roots yet, you will need a little patience. Either leave this child on the mother plant or you put the offshoots in a glass with water. Only when small roots have formed do you plant the Kindel.

Alternatively, you can put the young plant in the ground, but leave it connected to the mother plant until small roots form. However, since this is difficult to monitor, this method is not necessarily the first choice.

The essentials in brief:

  • only share large plants
  • Do not cut the roots but carefully disentangle them
  • Plant rooted cuttings in soil immediately
  • First place unrooted offshoots in water

Tips & Tricks

The simplest method of propagating green lilies is to plant already rooted cuttings. Plant these children in fresh potting soil and water the plants well. Finished!