Place climbing aids for runner beans

Place climbing aids for runner beans

The choice of climbing aids

There are many climbing aids for runner beans. The typical bean tents, which make perfect use of free space in the vegetable or herb patch, are well known. If there is enough space in the garden, rows of poles can be set up against one another.

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Runner beans climb up individual trellises just as well. They are either set up in a row with a distance of 50 - 60 cm or individually wherever the garden offers little space.

You can make climbing aids yourself without much effort. Long wooden poles or bamboo sticks, solid ropes or wire that are stretched upwards are suitable materials.

This is how you set up a bean tent in the garden bed

  • Dig deep into the ground
  • Get materials: about 5 - 6 long poles (round wood or bamboo poles)
  • Ram poles deep into the ground in a circle so that they are stable
  • Tie the poles together at the top like a tent
  • Sow bean seeds directly on the trellis
  • the young plants begin to climb up the sticks from the beginning

That is to be considered.

Even if runner beans grow up to three meters high, you will hardly be able to harvest them at this height. Trellises up to 2 meters in height are therefore sufficient.

Alternatively, you can choose runner beans that are no more than two meters high. This includes the “Rakker” variety with green pods.

Tips & Tricks

The garden dispatch department offers ready-made bean tents. A set, e.g. from Pöetschke, consists of tension cords, ground frames and ground spikes.