Protect hydrangeas adequately from frost

Protect hydrangeas adequately from frost

Suitable hydrangea species for locations at risk of frost

Not all hydrangeas are completely hardy and withstand freezing temperatures well. You should therefore only plant one of the following species in areas where permafrost threatens.

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Are well tolerated by frost:

  • Farm hydrangeas
  • Garden hydrangeas
  • Japanese hydrangeas
  • Forest hydrangeas
  • Climbing hydrangeas
  • Plate hydrangeas

Winter frost-resistant varieties properly

These frost-resistant hydrangeas also need suitable winter protection so that they do not freeze back too much at low temperatures. You should consider a few points in advance when it comes to maintenance:

  • Fertilize the hydrangea for the last time in summer so that the fresh shoots can ripen by autumn.
  • Do not prune hydrangeas in autumn. Only remove the dead flowers and dead wood.
  • The plants need a lot of water. However, waterlogging during watering should be avoided at all costs. Root damage weakens the hydrangea, making the plant more susceptible to frost damage.

The right winter protection

Mulch the subsoil around the hydrangea with a layer of bark mulch or leaves about ten centimeters thick. This mulch layer acts like a warm blanket and protects the hydrangea from frost. In rough locations, it is advisable to pile the root neck ten to twenty centimeters high with garden soil or compost.

To protect the shoots and buds from damage caused by the cold, special fleeces or, alternatively, a wire mesh, which you cover with brushwood, are suitable. It is important that the plant can breathe under this winter protection. Plastic sheeting and air-impermeable materials are unsuitable, as condensation water forms under them. This promotes rot and can cause massive damage to the plant.

Tips & Tricks

Just a look at the plant label tells you whether the hydrangea can withstand frost. Varieties that prefer sun should not be overwintered outdoors. Hydrangea species that are stated to also thrive in the shade, on the other hand, are usually winter hardy.