Properly prune a mandarin tree

Properly prune a mandarin tree

The optimal time

Tangerine trees should be pruned as comprehensively as possible in spring. The best time is at the end of the winter season before the first new shoots sprout. if that is not possible, you can prune the tree immediately after flowering. But you should hurry, because shortly afterwards the first new buds will be formed - and these should better stay on the tree. In particular, the pruning before the new shoots stimulate the mandarin tree to develop new shoots, so that a dense crown can develop. Otherwise you can remove a cheeky growing shoot or a meager / dried up branch all year round.

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Proceed as follows when pruning the mandarin tree:

  • First remove dried and stunted branches.
  • Then inward-growing shoots are cut off.
  • If two (or more) branches cross each other, cut one (or more). However, one shoot should remain
  • Always make the cut just above one eye if possible.
  • The cutting tool should of course be sharp and disinfected.
  • Hygiene is immensely important when cutting trees, otherwise fungal infections can easily occur.
  • For this reason, you should also seal larger cuts with tree resin if possible.
  • Do not crush the branches, this will cause serious injuries to the tree, as well as disrupt the flow of sap.
  • For now, leave the fruit-bearing branches untouched.
  • Aim for an even, bushy crown as possible.

Sharp scissors such as rose shears or a sharp knife are best for cutting. Mandarins can be grown as a shrub or as a standard stem.

Tips & Tricks

When repotting your tangerine tree, you should carefully examine the root ball and remove any dead or damaged roots. Only then is it transferred to a new, larger pot.