Is the Mühlenbeckia suitable as a ground cover?

Is the Mühlenbeckia suitable as a ground cover?

Which Mühlenbeckia is best suited as a ground cover?

In principle, you can plant both Mühlenbeckia axillaris and Mühlenbeckia complexa as ground cover. Since the Mühlenbeckia complexa is not hardy, it is not well suited for harsh climates with long periods of frost.

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If you live in a mild area, then you can decide according to your taste or mix the different varieties. The hardy Mühlenbeckia axillaris, on the other hand, can be planted anywhere, preferably in a partially shaded place.

How do I care for my Mühlenbeckia as a ground cover?

Although the soil must not be too moist for the Mühlenbeckia, the root ball should not dry out. The best way to do this is to plant your wire bush in a well drained soil and water it regularly. Add some liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water once or twice a month, so that your Mühlenbeckia gets enough nutrients.

Can I prune my Mühlenbeckia as a ground cover?

You can prune the Mühlenbeckia practically as you wish. She doesn’t take offense so easily. Use clean cutting tools to avoid transferring diseases or pests to these or other plants.

After pruning in spring, the Mühlenbeckia sprouts again particularly quickly. The cut stimulates growth, so the Mühlenbeckia grows lush and compact afterwards. You can also easily mow a larger area with mill basins with the lawnmower. Make sure, however, that the plants are not cut too close to the ground.

The essentials in brief:

  • very suitable as a ground cover
  • may be mowed if necessary
  • ideal location: light shade
  • Mühlenbeckia complexa is only very hardy to a limited extent
  • Hibernate Mühlenbeckia complexa frost-free if possible
  • Mühlenbeckia axillaris also suitable for rougher areas
  • Mühlenbeckia axillaris can overwinter outside


If you have to reckon with a harsh winter or longer periods of frost in your area, then you should plant the more frost-tolerant Mühlenbeckia axillaris.