What time of the year is cherry laurel planted?

What time of the year is cherry laurel planted?

Preferably set cherry laurel in early autumn

As with many woody trees, autumn is the ideal time of year to plant, especially if you've acquired bare-root cherry laurel. The shrub then hardly sprouts and puts all its strength into the root formation. It grows very well and begins to grow vigorously in the spring after planting.

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While bare-root laurel cherries can be planted until the end of September, you should plant bales as early as the beginning of September. Since the cherry laurel evaporates water over the large leaf area even in winter, it is important that the fresh roots have completely penetrated the root ball by the time it frosts.

Planting in spring

Alternatively, you can plant the laurel cherry in spring. Trees with bare roots should be put into the ground as early as possible so that the roots can grow in well before the growing season. The less sensitive container goods can be planted until May, as these shrubs have a higher proportion of fine roots and can therefore absorb more nutrients.

Planting in summer

You can also use baled goods in the warm season, provided you observe a few basic things:

  • Dig the planting hole so deep that it is exactly flush with the container substrate.
  • After planting, step the soil around the cherry laurel with feeling so that no roots are damaged.
  • Mulching bushes.
  • Water the cherry laurel thoroughly in the first few weeks after planting, even watering several times a day if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

You can tell the quality of the cherry laurel you have purchased by looking at the root ball: with high-quality shrubs, the root ball does not break, so you can insert it completely into the planting hole.