Repotting the orange tree properly - step by step

Repotting the orange tree properly - step by step

The right time

Ideally, the orange tree should be repotted at the end of the winter break / at the beginning of the vegetation period, because this is when the roots begin to grow vigorously again and can therefore grow into the new substrate more quickly and easily. Because of the root activity, repotting in autumn makes little sense; even during the growing season it is better not to carry out this measure.

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Prepare for repotting

Before you start repotting, you should take a look at the roots. Based on the size of the roots and their growth, you can decide which new pot size is right for you. You can also take the opportunity to remove pests and pull stubborn weeds. The new planter should be about a third larger than the root ball. This comes to sit so high in the new pot that the surface of the earth is the same as before.

The optimal substrate

The substrate should be more or less roughly selected according to the size of the plant. A young plant that is moved annually can stand in finer soil. An older and larger solitaire, on the other hand, should already stand in rough ground. It is less likely to be replanted and because it remains in the substrate for a longer period of time, it becomes silted up and the risk of the orange tree roots suffocating is greater.

Repot the orange tree step by step

And this is how you proceed when repotting an orange tree:

  • First, the pot is loosened by tapping roots attached to it.
  • For large pots, hold the trunk and lift the plant.
  • Small pots, on the other hand, are loosened from the root ball overhead, the stem looks through between the fingers.
  • Tap the root ball on the palm of your hand with a pot to loosen the roots.
  • Gently pull the pot off.
  • Loosen the pad.
  • The top layer of soil that is not rooted is removed.
  • Loamy substrate should be washed out.
  • Fill the new plant pot with a drainage layer and about two centimeters of substrate on top.
  • Put the bale in the pot.
  • Fill it all around with soil and work it in thoroughly.
  • Finally, knock the pot all around from the outside to let the earth trickle into the last cavities.
  • Water the orange tree vigorously.

Tips & Tricks

Put obliquely grown orange trees in the pot to realign them with oblique root balls to realign the crown.