Is the bamboo poisonous?

Is the bamboo poisonous?

Toxic substances in bamboo

Very few types of bamboo are poisonous. The toxic substances are mainly found in bamboo seeds and raw bamboo shoots. They contain the cyanogenic glycoside dhurrin - the poisonous cyanide of hydrogen cyanide. This is what the bamboo produces when it is injured in order to protect itself from predators. Hydrocyanic acid blocks cell respiration. It works similarly to carbon monoxide.

Possible effects and symptoms on humans and animals

Mother nature protects humans and animals from poisonous bamboo seeds due to the particularly bad raw taste and the rare cycle of the bamboo blossom, from 80 to 100 years. In addition, the bamboo species native to us are non-toxic. So bamboo lovers don't have to worry about whether bamboo is poisonous for cats or dogs.

Medicinal effect and medical application:

Because of the high silica content and its calming effect, the bamboo extract Tabaschir is used for depression, nervousness, asthma, menstrual pain and colds.

Tips & Tricks

Cook fresh bamboo shoots for at least 3 minutes before eating. Then they are firm to the bite and guaranteed non-toxic. Sprouts in jars and cans are ready to use and can be used uncooked.