Re-cover the porch swing - suggestions and tips

Re-cover the porch swing - suggestions and tips

Re-cover the seat of the porch swing

If the seat of the porch swing has cracked, you have a real problem. Usually it is made of plastics that you cannot repair yourself. If it's just a small crack, a bit of duct tape may be enough to stick over the seat.

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If the damage to the covering is greater, you only have to get a replacement. There are now a number of providers who specialize in this problem. All you have to do is send in the old upholstery and choose a new one. This will then be cut to the required dimensions and sent back to you.

  • Send in old covering
  • select new covering
  • Reupholster the seat after receipt

Re-coat the roof

The roof of the porch swing also becomes brittle and unsightly over time. You can also order roofs for swings on the Internet.

It's even easier if you sew the roof yourself. You should be able to use a sewing machine for this. Solid fabric such as awning fabric is required. It is cut to the dimensions of the roof and then simply stretched.

Replace upholstery

The cushions on the porch swing usually last the longest. However, if you have re-covered the swing or replaced the roof, the previous pattern often no longer matches the rest. You should then re-cover the cushions with a fabric that matches the roof and covering.

If you dare to use the sewing machine, needle and thread, simply sew the covers yourself. If you do not like to sew yourself, you can purchase appropriate pillowcases in stores.

Fabrics that do not fade so quickly in the sun are particularly suitable.


A porch swing lasts much longer and doesn't squeak if you take it down in the fall and spend the winter indoors. The upholstery is under great strain from snow, frost and rain. If you do not have any space for the winter, you should at least cover the swing with appropriate covers.