Cutting the sleep tree - how to cut a silk acacia

Cutting the sleep tree - how to cut a silk acacia

Pulling a sleeping tree as a tree or shrub?

The important question is whether you want to grow the sleeping tree as a shrub or a tree.

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If a tree is to grow, do not cut the silk tree at all at first. When caring for as a shrub, you have to cut the main shoot at the top so that many side shoots develop.

  • Cut the sleeping tree into shape
  • Cut shoot tips for better branching
  • remove old and diseased branches
  • Cut back at gelation

The right time to cut the silk acacia

Prune the sleeping tree in spring, preferably in May. A silk acacia is easy to cut. However, no more frosts should be expected because the sleeping tree then cannot cope with the pruning so well.

How do you cut the silk tree correctly?

When designing the sleeping tree as a tree, you only cut off annoying side shoots in the first few years. You only have to cut the crown into shape if individual branches disturb the overall picture.

If the sleeping tree is grown in the form of a bush, cut off the tips of the branches regularly. As a result, the shrub branches better and looks more compact. Weak and thin shoots should also be cut. They unnecessarily weaken the silk acacia.

It is cut with clean, sharp secateurs. The cut is always made directly above one eye.

Strong pruning when the sleeping tree rises

If the shoots of the sleeping tree have grown badly or if no new shoots form below, you can cut the silk tree back halfway.

Limit growth by pruning

The sleeping tree is quite fast-growing in a favorable location. If you don't want it to get that high, cut it back annually.

If you care for the silk acacia in the bucket, you can shorten the roots a little when repotting. Then the sleeping tree grows a little more slowly.


The sleeping tree can also be cared for as a bonsai. It is easy to cut and can be drawn in different shapes. The pruning is done after flowering or in late summer.