Planting apricot tree correctly: tips for home gardens

Planting apricot tree correctly: tips for home gardens

Container planting

This species is suitable in regions with a harsh climate. Practical buckets enable an individual change of location.

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Recommended varieties:

  • Columnar shape
  • Spread: 40 to 60 centimeters
  • Height: maximum 220 centimeters

Buckets with a capacity of 30 liters or more are suitable. A hole in the floor prevents waterlogging. You can also integrate a drainage system over the hole (gravel, pottery shards or perlite).

Variants for potting soil:

  • special potting soil with perlite or granules
  • Garden soil with horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) and compost

Spread this substrate directly over the drainage. You place the tree in the center of the vessel. Gradually fill the bucket. Constantly pressing the earth with your fingers avoids air holes and has a positive effect on the tree. An additional wooden post gives the apricot a steady hold. Then water the plant well with rainwater. Too much moisture should be avoided from day one.

Plants on the bed

The planting hole should be twice larger than the root ball itself. Loosen the soil deeply. It is recommended to create a drain. The excavation is enriched with compost (30%) and horn shavings (150 grams) before filling. After planting, press the soil well. The finishing point must be 5 centimeters above the ground.

Prepare the root ball:

In the case of bare-root goods, pull the bale apart slightly. Breakages and kinks are removed. Finally, shorten the shoots by a third. After the bale is soaked in water, it is ready for planting.

Which location is favorable?

Apricot trees love sunny, sheltered spots. In the vicinity of a house wall, they survive the cool season without any worries.

The tension rises: flowering and harvest time

Depending on the variety, apricot trees inspire with a wonderful bloom between April and June. In some cases, sweet and vitamin-rich apricots can be harvested by September.

When is the ideal planting time?

The best time to plant is March. However, the soil must already be frost-free. Alternatively, you can plant bare-root apricot trees you bought between April and October. Container goods can be integrated into the garden all year round if the weather permits.

Tips & Tricks

Regardless of the correct location, the use of preventive measures to avoid diseases is recommended.


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