The flamingo flower has brown leaf spots: causes and remedies

The flamingo flower has brown leaf spots: causes and remedies

The reasons for this can be:

  • Too much or too little poured
  • Pests like spider mites
  • Fungal diseases such as leaf spot disease

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How should be poured?

The natural home of the flamingo flower are tropical rainforests, where it thrives as epiphytes or in the light shade of the giant jungle. Therefore, you need an evenly moist, but by no means soaked, substrate and sufficient humidity. If these conditions are not correct, the plant often reacts with brown spots on the leaves.

You can remedy this as follows:

  • Water regularly, whenever the top inches of the substrate feel dry.
  • Increase humidity. This can be done through an indoor fountain or evaporator dishes.

Fight pests

The tiny spider mites suck the sap from the leaves, so that they initially get brown spots and then wither. Often the animals living on the underside of the leaf can hardly be seen with the naked eye. If you smoke the flamingo flower, the webs become visible.

Spider mites are quite stubborn and often defy home remedies. So that they do not spread any further, the anthurium should first be placed individually. Then treat the plant with a suitable agent.

The leaf spot disease

In this case, the leaf spots are quite characteristic: the brown spots usually have a yellow halo, which is clearly distinguished from the green by a black border. Cut back the infected leaves and also apply a spray that will kill the fungus.


Anthuriums are quite sensitive to insecticides and fungicides. Therefore, first test the active ingredient on a single leaf and wait a few days. If the foliage shows no damage, you can treat the whole plant.