Is the cape basket hardy - what if not?

Is the cape basket hardy - what if not?

Badly hardy in this country

The cape basket is poorly winter hardy in this country due to its home in the southern part of Africa. Frost doesn't suit him at all. If you plant it out, you have to expect that it will freeze to death and therefore only be annual.

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The cap basket can only withstand temperatures down to -5 ° C for a short time. But since the winters in Germany are getting colder, this low degree of frost hardness is not important. Even in mild regions of Germany, the cape basket usually does not survive the cold season without winter protection or indoor overwintering. Even the best care is of no use ...

Is it worth wintering?

Do you want to keep your cape basket for several years and not buy a new plant every year at the hardware store or garden center? Then it might be worth wintering this perennial. Sowing is not recommended as most varieties on the market are hybrids and the seeds sown as plants later have different properties from the mother plant.

However, wintering is not always possible. Among other things, there may be a lack of space. You need a frost-free, but bright and cool place for this plant to overwinter. Wintering is also not always successful.

How wintering works

Please note that if you want to overwinter your cape basket:

  • badly possible outside
  • inside: 5 to 15 ° C, bright
  • Well-suited places: gazebo, winter garden, cold house
  • Cut down to 1/3 before wintering in autumn
  • ventilate regularly during the winter
  • cut in February (evergreen - continues to grow in winter)


In spring, it is advisable to slowly accustom the cape daisies to direct sunlight. First of all, it should be dwarfed outside.