Freeze blackberries in advance

Freeze blackberries in advance

Making blackberries last longer

Fruit lovers appreciate the fact that blackberries only gradually ripen on the tendrils of the blackberry plants. Nevertheless, there can be a real glut of fully ripe fruits at harvest time in summer. When picked, these only last a few days in the refrigerator. So that you can still enjoy the nutritious snack berries for longer, you can use various preservation options:

  • for boiling down
  • for processing into juice
  • for freezing

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When cooked, blackberries can be used as jams and jellies for up to a year. Boiled blackberry juice can also be enjoyed as a refreshing drink when stored in a cool place for months. If you proceed correctly, freezing ensures a shelf life of up to a year and processing in various recipes for desserts.

Harvest and prepare the fruits properly

Because of the fox tapeworm pathogen, blackberries collected from the wild should be washed thoroughly before they are eaten or processed further. Then you have to let the fruits dry on some kitchen paper, if you don't want them to become even more mushy as a result of the freezing, as is unfortunately often the case anyway. Do not put the fruits directly in a freezer bag, but let the blackberries freeze on a tray for about two hours. This way, the blackberries keep their natural shape without being crushed and there is no leakage of juice.

Freezing and thawing blackberries

Since blackberries often do not completely retain their original consistency after thawing, they are popular as an ingredient in fruity ice cream sauces and cake recipes. In addition, they can also be frozen in a bowl to save space than pureed pulp. Thawed, they can then be used for fruit salads, morning muesli or fruity milkshakes.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use frozen blackberries as fruity ice cubes if you squeeze some fruit through a clean cloth and let the collected juice freeze in an ice cube tray. Delicious summer cocktails with a dash of fruit aroma can be cooled down to the desired temperature.

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