Planting tomatoes correctly - instructions for beds and balconies

Planting tomatoes correctly - instructions for beds and balconies

Nothing goes before mid-May

The young plants grown by hand or bought ready-made do not tolerate the local climate until mid-May. After the ice saints moved out, there is no longer any fear of frost, so that at least the temperatures can no longer harm the tomato plants, which are sensitive to the cold. The thermometer should no longer drop below 15 degrees Celsius.

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Choose location wisely

At home in the sun-drenched regions of South America, tomatoes are only conditionally suitable for growing in beds and on the balcony. The choice of the location is therefore of central importance for successful cultivation. Tomatoes feel particularly good in these locations:

  • sunny and airy, but without cold drafts
  • protected from rain under a roof or in a greenhouse
  • nutrient-rich, humus soil, fresh, moist and calcareous

Planting correctly - explained step by step

Before the tomato plants are planted in the ground, some preparations are beneficial. The bed soil is weeded thoroughly and loosened up deeply. As a starter fertilizer, work in ripe garden compost and horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) one or another organic fertilizer. Then it starts:

  • Dig planting holes with twice the volume of the root ball
  • enrich the excavation with compost
  • keep a planting distance of 60-80 centimeters
  • Place the potted young plants in the soil up to the lower pair of leaves and press them down
  • Put a climbing aid in the ground next to each tomato plant and tie the first tendrils
  • then water and mulch

Experienced hobby gardeners put some nettle and comfrey leaves in each planting pit. In addition, before potting, they put each root ball in a container with water, where it is allowed to soak until no more air bubbles rise.

Instructions for planting in the tub

Once the favorite tomato variety has been found for the balcony, the appropriate bucket volume will automatically result. As a substrate, we recommend a good vegetable soil from the trade, which you enrich with compost, horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or another natural fertilizer . How to proceed:

  • Place a drainage over the opening in the floor made of crushed potsherds
  • Fill in the substrate up to half the height of the pot and press a well into it
  • Pot, insert and water the tomato plant

Except for hanging tomatoes, the installation of a climbing aid is generally recommended. In this way, you can protect your plants from windthrow on the balcony at all times.

Tips & Tricks

If buckets or climbing aids are used repeatedly in beds and on the balcony, they should be meticulously disinfected. Expensive disinfectants are not required for this purpose. With hot soda water or alcohol, you can remove pathogens and insect eggs just as safely.