The Schefflera throws off its leaves - its death sentence?

The Schefflera throws off its leaves - its death sentence?

Reason # 1: root rot

In many cases there is root rot behind the leaf shedding. It occurs when the Schefflera stands in a substrate that is too wet. First their leaves turn yellow. Then they fall off and at the same time you can smell a putrid smell from the earth.

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Reason # 2: drought

The opposite, drought, can also lead to leaf shedding. This plant, which is native to rainforests, needs a moist substrate. Drought is alien to her. In principle, however, it takes time for the leaves to be shed when it is dry. If the soil is dry for 2 weeks, leaves will gradually begin to shed ...

Reason # 3: Pest infestation

Pests can also cause the Schefflera to shed its leaves. You can track down the pests by carefully inspecting the leaves on their underside. The Schefflera is prone to:

  • Spider mites
  • Mealybug
  • Scale insects
  • Thrips
  • Aphids

Additional reasons

But there can be other reasons as well. You know your ray aralia best! Also, consider the following possible causes:

  • too low temperatures
  • Aging phenomenon
  • Lack of light
  • significant nutritional deficiency
  • heat
  • direct sunlight
  • Disease infestation

Rescue measures

The best measure is prevention so that the leaves don't turn yellow or brown in the first place and eventually fall off. That means: choose an ideal location (no direct sun, but bright) and do not over- or under-take care of it.

If the first leaves have fallen off, you need to orientate yourself by the cause in order to help the Schefflera:

  • with dry substrate: water bath
  • in wet substrate with root rot: repot
  • in case of pest infestation: control of pests e.g. B. with soft soap solution
  • in heat, too much light or low temperature: change of location


If there is no disease behind the falling leaves, but the aralia has already shed almost all of its leaves, you can still quickly cut cuttings. This will keep you at least part of this plant when it dies.