With the right care, avocados will thrive

With the right care, avocados will thrive

Water moderately: Avocado doesn't like wetness

The avocado does not need too much water, in particular the plant does not tolerate waterlogging very well and quickly develops root rot if there is persistent high moisture. Instead, you should keep your avocado slightly moist and let it dry out occasionally. Once the leaves are hanging, pour your trinket again. In summer, the avocado needs watering every day, especially in sunny and / or hot weather, but in winter you should water it much less frequently. Stale, room temperature water is best.

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Fertilize avocado: Only from the age of four to six months

Young avocados still get their nutritional needs from the avocado seed. Only from the age of four to six months do you need to slowly get the plant used to fertilizers. Use a fertilizer for potted plants or citrus fruits and start with only a third of the stated concentrate. Only increase the amount of fertilizer slowly. Fertilization about every two weeks (less often in winter) is sufficient.

Brown leaves usually indicate a lack of water

If your avocado is getting brown leaves, there could be several reasons:

  • Lack of water (leaves are brown and crumbly, especially at the tip and edge)
  • too much water (check roots for rot!)
  • too much / too little fertilizer
  • the wrong fertilizer
  • the wrong soil (some avocados do not tolerate conventional potting soil)
  • Pot too small (if in doubt, repot the avocado)

In most cases, however, brown leaves are the result of a lack of water and, in particular, of insufficient humidity. Infestation by pests is very rare with good care, as avocados are very robust plants.

Tips & Tricks

As a tropical plant, the avocado is used to high humidity. Therefore, the leaves can turn brown quickly, especially in winter due to the dry heating air. To counteract this, spray your avocado with lukewarm water every two to three days.