Effective means of permanently removing weeds in pavement joints

Effective means of permanently removing weeds in pavement joints

Mechanical scraping

This is the most environmentally friendly method, but it can be very strenuous on larger areas. The work is a little easier if you scrape the weeds out of the joints immediately after a heavy downpour. Use a back-friendly grouting scraper with a long handle.

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Sweeping in Dansand

Once the joints are clean, you can sweep weed-resistant special sand between the stones. This means that your patch will remain virtually weed-free for years. Dansand is very rich in minerals and at the same time poor in nutrients. It lowers the pH value so that weed seeds can no longer sprout. The round-grain structure condenses strongly and does not offer the plant roots any support. Nevertheless, the paved area is permeable to water and no puddles form.

Proceed as follows when applying:

  • First, thoroughly remove all weeds that have settled in the joints of the paving stones.
  • Clean the pavement surface with a high-pressure cleaner (€ 85.90 at Amazon *).
  • Fill in joint sand up to the edge.
  • Sweep in with a broom or compact with a vibrating plate (€ 214.60 at Amazon *).
  • If necessary, sludge Dansand with a light jet of water.
  • The optimum filling depth is reached when you can only press a spatula a few millimeters into the grout.

Clean the joints with a high pressure cleaner

Depending on the width and depth of the joints, dandelions and the like on the sidewalk and driveway can also be flushed out of the joints with a high-pressure cleaner. However, the device is not suitable for every paved surface, as the substance may be attacked.

Boiling water

Pasta or potato water, which are regularly produced in the kitchen anyway, are a good way to permanently get rid of weeds growing in the joints. Pour the liquid as hot as possible directly onto the weed plants. These die off and the seeds are also rendered harmless by the heat.

Weed burner

Like the potato water, these devices destroy weeds through the action of heat. The weeds between the stones are flamed and destroyed. Then all you have to do is sweep up the unwanted green and the paving stone joints will remain weed-free for a long time.

Home remedies like salt and vinegar

You should refrain from these, because these supposedly harmless agents penetrate the earth. Here they not only impair plant growth, but also have a negative effect on the soil and the microorganisms that live there. In addition, not only the weeds are destroyed. Ornamental plants growing in the vicinity also absorb salt or vinegar through the roots and can even die.


According to the law, it is forbidden to use herbicides on paved surfaces because the harmful substances could end up in the groundwater. In the event of a violation, severe fines are imposed.