Is a rubber tree branching?

Is a rubber tree branching?

The rubber tree only branches when it has reached a certain size. Usually it is then at least 1.5 to 2 meters high. If it is bright and warm and if it is properly cared for, this usually happens all by itself. If nothing happens with your rubber tree despite being the right size, you can give it a little help.

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What can I do to make my rubber tree branch out?

First of all, examine the area around your rubber tree. Does it really get enough light in its place? He prefers to stand very brightly and is very sensitive to drafts. A rubber tree doesn't need a lot of water, but if you don't water it enough, it won't branch out.

The same goes for fertilizing. Again, you should keep the right amount. If you have not fertilized your rubber tree for a long time, do so. If the fertilizer is too abundant, take a few months off. In this case, your rubber tree has probably grown in height quite quickly.

Can I encourage branching by cutting?

If a rubber tree is cut, for example shortened in height, it will sprout again below the cut. With the first cut often only one or two shoots form, with further cuts it can be more. Always cut just above a sleeping eye, as the rubber tree will sprout at this point. If you are also planning to multiply, so-called mossing may be an alternative.

Tips for branching a rubber tree:

  • make it brighter
  • if necessary, water and fertilize more
  • Shorten the plant
  • moss


If your rubber tree does not branch out as expected, change the location and care; alternatively, pruning can also help.