Container plants as privacy screens - these are hardy and opaque

Container plants as privacy screens - these are hardy and opaque

Evergreen flowering shrubs - triumvirate as a privacy screen in the tub

A triumvirate of evergreen flowering bushes that protect your privacy opens the colorful round of hardy potted plants with a privacy factor. The following three ornamental trees trump with beautiful flowers, autumnal fruit decorations and sometimes even defensive thorns:

  • Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea), thorny branches, red, orange or yellow berries in autumn; Growth height 200-300 cm
  • Red medlar (Photinia fraseri), variety 'Red Robin' with red leaves and white flowers; Growth height 150-300 cm
  • Barberry (Berberis julianae), dense growth, pointed thorns and golden yellow flowers from May; Growth height 200-300 cm

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The holly variety 'Heckenfee' not only cuts a good figure as a privacy screen for the front yard. In the large container, the dense-leaved, completely winter-hardy plant is also a decorative highlight and reliably prevents you from being bothered by onlookers.

Conifers in a bucket - an evergreen wall against prying eyes

If a hardy privacy screen is on the shopping list, no one can get past evergreen conifers. Traditionally, majestic conifers watch over the house and yard as hedge plants. We looked around among the most beautiful conifers and discovered the following species that thrive in both pots and beds:

  • Arborvitae 'Sunkist' (Thuja occidentalis), conical growth with golden-yellow shoots; 250-400 cm
  • Gold arborvitae 'Rheingold' (Thuja occidentalis), spherical habit, soft, yellow needles; 200-400 cm
  • Dwarf silver cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera), conical shape with overhanging tips; 200-400 cm

From the cypress family comes an innovative conifer that inspires with a modern look, undemanding frugality and robust winter hardiness. The dwarf cypress 'Blaauw' (Juniperus chinensis) develops a funnel-shaped silhouette with diagonally aligned, blue-gray needled branches. Since the needle shrub remains at a height of 150 to 250 cm, it is perfect for cultivation as a privacy protection plant in the tub.

A summer privacy screen with blossoms - these shrubs are hardy

The most beautiful privacy protection plants for cultivation in the tub owe their winter hardiness to the fact that they shed their leaves in winter. With this strategy, the survivors save energy and reduce the attack surface for frost. If the desire for privacy protection is limited to the beautiful season, the following deciduous ornamental shrubs fulfill this task with a floral sheen:

  • Panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata), huge flowers in summer and dense foliage; 200-250 cm
  • Dwarf-scented lilac (Syringa meyeri), profusely blooming with fragrant panicles in May and June; 120-150 cm
  • Magnificent spar (Spiraea vanhouttei) also creates its lavish flowers in partial shade; 150-250 cm

In the bucket with integrated climbing support, clematis and climbing roses (Rosa) boast of their summer blooms over an impenetrable foliage. If a sufficiently high trellis is available, you can look forward to a privacy screen of up to 300 cm.

Furious autumn spectacle with a privacy screen effect

The yellowish flower panicles in summer do not give an idea of ​​what the wig bush 'Royal Purple' (Cotinus coggygria) has in store for autumn. After all, the deciduous wood with its black-red leaves is already useful as a privacy protection plant in the bucket in summer. From September / October the plant enchants with silky, feathery fruit bunches that sit enthroned on the branches like small wigs.

Majestic grass as a privacy screen in the bucket - decorative and frost-proof

With grasses in the bucket, you can equip your balcony and terrace with a stylish and easy-care privacy screen. High-growing species are required here that are satisfied with the limited substrate volume. The following overview presents recommended ornamental grasses in more detail:

Grasses as a privacy screen in the bucketbotanical nameStatureHeydayHeight of growth at flowering timespecial feature
Chinese reed 'Flamingo'Miscanthus sinensis120 cmAugust to October170 cmsilver-pink flower spikes, beautiful autumn colors
White-colored Chinese reedsMiscanthus sinensis120 cmSeptember and October150 cmwhite-edged stalks, silvery flowers
Switchgrass 'Northwind'Panicum virgatum150 cmJuly to September180 cmblue-green stalks, columnar silhouette
Riding grass 'Karl Foerster'Calamagrostis x acutiflora100 cmJune to August160 cmwheat-colored ears through the winter

The particular advantage of ornamental grasses as privacy protection lies in the uncomplicated maintenance of pruning. In early spring, cut the dead stalks back to a hand's breadth above the substrate and apply an organic liquid fertilizer. Just in time for the beginning of the open-air season, the grasses are again presented with a dense network of innumerable stalks.


A green pergola made of wood provides all-round privacy protection. You can easily attach climbing aids or trellises to posts. Attach wire ropes to the crossbeams so that climbing plants can find their way from the tub to the rafters. Tie the tendrils of the climbing plants with soft plastic straps or small rings.