DIY: Build an open fireplace in the garden yourself

DIY: Build an open fireplace in the garden yourself

The choice of the suitable location

You can find out whether this also applies to your community from the statutes or directly from the responsible community office or building authority. Illegal fireplaces are quickly discovered by the police or fire brigade who patrol specifically in the summer months, which is why you shouldn't give in to temptation. Once permission has been obtained, you can look around for a suitable location. This should:

  • are in a sufficiently large open area
  • be at least 50 meters away from combustible materials, huts, houses, carports, trees and shrubs
  • at least 50 meters to the neighbors
  • lie protected from the wind (ergo not necessarily on top of the hill, but rather in a lower part of the garden)
  • no electricity or gas lines may run under the desired location
  • there must be enough space around it for seating

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In addition, the selected location should be as level as possible and not be directly on a slope.

The preparation of the subsoil

Once the location has been chosen, you can then prepare a fire-proof surface. This work is absolutely necessary to increase safety and to prevent the fire from spreading to, for example, the lawn. This includes removing the sward or setting up the fireplace on a cemented or paved surface. If the location is in a meadow or on a lawn, you can secure the subsurface as follows, for example:

  • Measure the desired dimensions of the fireplace.
  • Pin them with cords.
  • The fireplace can be round, square or oval - that is up to your taste.
  • Lift off the sward with a spade.
  • Dig a pit at least four inches deep.
  • Lay them out tightly with stones, such as bricks or larger pebbles.
  • You can also set them in concrete or cement.

The foundation described should always be built larger than the actual fireplace. You can then frame the fireplace with stones.

How to build a simple fireplace yourself - step-by-step instructions

This simple fireplace can be completed in no time and can even be built by inexperienced craftsmen. Prepare the substrate as described above and then attach it as follows:

  • Choose a fastening material: You can use different stones, but also manhole rings, etc.
  • Dig out the pit in the shape and size you want.
  • Line the pit with bricks, field stones or a suitable manhole ring.
  • Fill the pit with pebbles, field stones or rubble stones.
  • Compact the foundation, for example with a vibrator.
  • Frame the actual fireplace with large stones such as field stones.
  • You can also stack natural or concrete blocks to form a low wall without mortar.
  • Make sure you use fireproof material and a firm hold.

If you want to frame the fireplace with a dry stone wall, it should not be higher than 50 centimeters. Otherwise it could become unstable from the extreme heat and collapse. In addition, it should be built in such a way that no small animals can hide in it.

How to brick a fireplace yourself

A brick fireplace, which you can build yourself as described above, is of course much more stable. However, in this case the boundary stones are joined together with mortar or cement. It is important that mortar is dry before you start the fire for the first time. Make sure to build such a fireplace in dry weather and let it dry out well. You can use rough and hewn natural or shaped stones for walls, depending on your taste. For example, field stones, granite, paving stones, bricks or bricks, clinker, firebricks or rubble stones would be conceivable. So that the wall is straight, drive auxiliary stakes into the ground at regular intervals and string them with string. Check the wall regularly with a spirit level.Excess mortar is carefully removed with a spatula and a brush.

Turn a fire pit into a grill - DIY

Such an open fireplace can be transformed into a grill in just a few simple steps. You can proceed as follows:

  • Concrete three stable, sufficiently long metal rods into the ground.
  • Their ends meet directly above the fireplace.
  • Firmly connect the rod ends with a refractory material.
  • The bars should be absolutely stable.
  • Suspend a swivel grill from it using a long, height-adjustable chain.


A very simple form of an open fireplace is the so-called Swedish fire, in which a tree trunk that is at least 50 centimeters thick or a wooden stump is scratched in the middle. This slowly burns from within. The Swedish fire may only be set up on a fire-proof base.