So you can build a source stone for the stream yourself

So you can build a source stone for the stream yourself


You can buy pre-drilled well stones in any supermarket. However, if you have taken a nice boulder or something similar with you from your last walk, then this can also be used. Most field stones consist of a type of granite, which is particularly resistant and therefore perfectly suited for this purpose. Instead of a single large stone, however, you can also stack many stones on top of one another - and let the spring water flow down them like a cascade.

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Drill and insert the source stone

If you opt for the stone cascade, you stack the stones to form a stable hill, through the middle of which the spring hose runs up and transports the water to the desired outlet. A solitaire, on the other hand, has to be drilled through completely, whereby the drill hole needs a slightly larger diameter than the water hose. You can do this yourself with the help of a special rock drill on the hammer drill (or concrete block drill), but you can also have it done by a stone mason you trust. The latter variant is the safest, because such a stone can break through a wrong hole.

Connect the source stone with the water supply

The source stone is best placed in a water basin, which is the starting point for the stream. The best way to design this pool is as follows:

  • Dig a pit.
  • Put the basin (e.g. a plastic pool) in there.
  • Cover it with a suitable cover or grille.
  • Place the source stone on top.
  • Install the water hose and the electrical installation.
  • Cover the grid over the pool, for example with more stones and / or different plants.
  • Connect the source stone with the stream.
  • Make sure the water actually flows in the direction you want.

Depending on the weight of the source stone, you must place it securely on fence posts, impact foundations or on several masonry bricks.


A source stone can also be installed as a decorative element without a stream or pond. In this case, hide the pump in the water basin below the stone. This variant is ideal for the terrace, for example.