Why doesn't cress grow back like other herbs?

Why doesn't cress grow back like other herbs?

Why is it that the cress cannot grow back?

  • Growth point is too high
  • Removed at harvest
  • Plant cannot grow back

Whether a plant will grow back after it has been cut depends on where its growing point is. This point is the center of growth, here the cells divide particularly intensely.

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If the growth point is cut off during harvest, the plant cannot grow back.

Where is the cress growing point?

Most herbs, grasses and flowers grow very low, just above the ground.

It's different with cress. Here cell division takes place directly under the leaves. The leaves are cut off just above the ground during harvest, thereby removing the growth point.

As a result, the cress stops growing simply because its growth center is no longer there.

Only harvest the leaves of cress?

The reason why the entire stem is cut in cress is because the leaves have the best flavor and most of the ingredients right at the point of growth.

If only the upper leaves were harvested, the cress would not be as tasty and also not as healthy as the leaves that form at the center of growth.

Even if the leaves are plucked very carefully, the growth center will be destroyed and the cress prevented from growing back. Apart from that, this form of harvesting would be very laborious.

Simply sow new cress

If you always want fresh cress to eat or season your home, you should simply sow smaller amounts of cress every few days.

However, too much cress should not be planted at once. You can only store cress for a very limited time.

The herb should be harvested before flowering, as the taste changes after the flowers form.

Tips & Tricks

There is one type of cress that you can keep for several years. The pepper herb (Lepidium latifolium) can be harvested for several years, but should be planted in the garden because of the strong growth in the tub.