Shorten a dragon tree properly

Shorten a dragon tree properly

This plant stretches towards the light

Dragon trees get along well in partially shaded to light locations, but they should not be in direct sunlight. They survive even in rather dark locations in the room as long as some indirect daylight penetrates the leaves. However, as houseplants, dragon trees “stretch” towards the light, so that the green leaf crown can tilt to the side. To counteract this effect of the lack of light felt by the plant, you can simply turn the dragon tree a little regularly in the pot. Another effect of a rather dark location is the increased length growth of the thin “stem”, as the plant tries to grow towards the sun.Specimens of the dragon tree that are so tall are perceived by many people as relatively unaesthetic and “bald”.

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This plant tolerates radical pruning

Other plants often only have a future as compost if all their leaves are removed. The dragon tree, on the other hand, can be easily cut horizontally at the desired height with sharp, clean secateurs and it will soon form new shoots just below the cut. The cut should be kept as small as possible and possibly sealed with tree wax (€ 5.99 at Amazon *) or coal dust. Radical pruning is also sometimes the best and only means to save a badly cared-for dragon tree with brown leaves.

The added value of shortening

Trimming a dragon tree can serve several purposes:

  • promoting compact growth
  • the propagation by cuttings
  • the branching of the dragon tree, which is otherwise often perceived as “lanky” in shape

Make sure, however, not to overdo it when cutting head cuttings and, if possible, shorten the dragon tree no more than every two years.


Immediately after the cut, you should ensure that the dragon tree is adequately watered and shaded. A cut cutting of the dragon tree is left to dry for a day before it is then put in the ground or in a water container.