The different types of lettuce

The different types of lettuce

Pay attention to the planned time of cultivation for seeds

In contrast to some other types of vegetables, it is very important to pay attention to the instructions for growing the various types of salad. Spring varieties grown in summer or early varieties sown in summer otherwise fall significantly behind in growth due to the inadequate fulfillment of requirements for temperature and moisture supply. Most types of lettuce can tolerate a lot of light and warmth as young plants, but in midsummer they should be placed in partial shade and protected from excessive heat. Otherwise the delicate leaves of the lettuce can quickly be damaged on a hot day.

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Different colors, shapes and flavors

The various types of lettuce available as seeds differ by far not only in the optimal time of their cultivation. The best-known cultivated forms of cut lettuce include, for example:

  • Lollo rosso
  • Lollo Bionda
  • Oak leaf
  • Deer tongue
  • Venetian brown
  • Australian yellow

The variety of oak leaf lettuce in green and red

Oak leaf lettuce is a rather young cultivated form of pick lettuce. The name says it all for this salad, because the leaves are jagged like oak leaves. There are green and reddish varieties, all of which have a very fine, hazelnut-like taste. The oak leaf lettuce should only be harvested in quantities that can be consumed immediately, as it cannot be stored for long in the refrigerator.

A fast growing variety - the Venetian

The Venetian has proven itself as a versatile type of lettuce for decades. It is an old and particularly vigorous growing variety with light green, broadly serrated leaves. Powdery mildew does not pose a threat to Venetians as it is largely resistant to it.

Australian yellow

Australian yellow is a type of lettuce with frizzy and tender lettuce leaves. It is named after the bright green-yellow leaves. The Australian yellow impresses with its high yield and very late shooting, which makes it ideal for warm locations in balcony boxes.

Tips & Tricks

Most types of lettuce can be harvested multiple times if the central heart shoots remain undamaged in the bed. The outer leaves continuously grow back after the harvest and can therefore sometimes be harvested consistently for weeks.