Planting the nettle is worth it and this is how it works!

Planting the nettle is worth it and this is how it works!

Which location does the nettle prefer?

Stinging nettles prefer to grow in partial shade. They cannot get used to full sun and yet they sometimes make this compromise - better than not growing at all. Nettles can also thrive in the shade.

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What should the soil be like?

If you are going to plant nettles, you should choose the right substrate. Stinging nettles need plenty of nutrients, especially nitrogen. The substrate in which you plant the nettles should have the following properties:

  • nutritious
  • humus
  • wet
  • permeable

How can the nettle be propagated?

In the wild these plants multiply most strongly through root runners. With them they form whole carpets over time and seem to really proliferate. With your own hands, nettles are good to reproduce through runners and seeds.

How and when are the seeds sown?

Some nettle seeds do not germinate well. This is especially true for direct sowing. If you want to propagate the nettles from seeds, note the following:

  • Growing in advance at home or in a greenhouse is recommended
  • Period: beginning of March to mid-May
  • Minimum germination temperature: 10 ° C
  • Germination time: 10 to 14 days
  • Distance between plants: 25 cm
  • Sowing depth: max. 0.5 cm (light germ)

When is harvest time?

Nettles can be harvested for their entire growing season. The optimal harvest period is from late April / early May to late June. Then the flowering time is on. The flowers are present from July to September.

Which plant neighbors are suitable?

Ideal planting partners for nettles are those that are likely to be attacked by pests such as aphids. All vegetable plants are suitable as plant partners. Nettles also feel in good hands next to or under fruit trees and bushes.


Anyone who plants the nettle should be aware that it grows rapidly thanks to its root runners. Once it has formed a whole sea, it is difficult to fight again. The cultivation should therefore be carefully considered!

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