A fig tree as a houseplant

A fig tree as a houseplant

The optimal location

The fig thrives particularly well on a sunny window or in the winter garden. If it is a real fig, you should note that the woody plants also go into hibernation in their southern home and shed the leaves. In the cold season it is therefore advisable to give the fig a slightly cooler place in the apartment. Temperatures of around ten degrees are ideal.

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The right substrate

Figs thrive in commercially available potting soil or potted plant soil, which they loosen with sand or fine-grain gravel. Since figs are very sensitive to waterlogging, you should put a drainage layer of clay granulate in the planter.

Many figs also grow well in hydroponics, as waterlogging cannot build up in the special granulate and the plants are optimally supplied with moisture and nutrients.

Pour with a sure instinct

Figs are not only sensitive to waterlogging, but also to the complete drying out of the root ball. The fig first acknowledges dry ground by shedding the fruit and then with a partial loss of foliage. Therefore, always water when the surface of the earth feels dry and throw away excess water in the saucer. At most in the warm summer months, you can leave a small supply of water for a few hours.

During the winter months you should reduce the watering. However, the fig tree should not dry out completely.

Figs are sensitive to hard water

Pour the fig with soft water. Use filtered tap water or rainwater in areas with hard water. Alternatively, you can let the watering water stand for a few hours so that the lime settles.

Fertilizing the fig

In the growth phase, the house fig rewards fertilizers once a week with vigorous growth and rich fruit set. Conventional liquid fertilizers or citrus fertilizers are suitable. If you want to consume the fruits of the fig, you should make sure that the fertilizer is food-safe.

Tips & Tricks

House figs are unfortunately somewhat susceptible to diseases and pests. Therefore, check the plant regularly for infestation.

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