Milling tree roots - tips for milling

Milling tree roots - tips for milling

Milling off tree roots - do it yourself or hire a specialist?

Milling a tree root is not recommended for laypeople. There are many dangers involved in handling a motorized milling machine. Some gardeners underestimate the force with which the device works. Injuries are therefore inevitable if the milling is carried out improperly.

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With a large tree trunk in particular, it is advisable to hire a specialist company to do the work if you want to dispose of the remains of the felled tree. These companies have the necessary know-how and have milling machines and wire rope hoists available for all work. On request, you can make an offer with all the costs incurred - and at the same time take over the removal of the material.

The prices for a company that does the milling work are manageable. They are often not much higher than the rental fee for a motorized milling machine. In any case, you will save yourself a lot of work if you let specialists take over the disposal of the tree roots.

What does a milling machine cost?

If you want to mill the tree roots in the garden yourself, you can rent a motorized tiller from a specialist shop. Buying a tiller yourself is usually not worthwhile, as it is usually not that often that trees have to be felled.

Rental costs can be up to 250 euros per day. You also absolutely need protective clothing when working with the milling machine.

Observe the safety instructions enclosed with the device. Keep children, animals and unauthorized persons away!

Mill out the tree roots

Tree roots can even be planted with lawn. To do this, you only have to mill out the tree root a bit so that you can spread a layer of earth 10 to 15 cm over it.

Then you can lay turf over it or sow lawn.

Tree roots decompose in the ground

Milling off the tree trunk and tree root has the advantage that you can simply leave the remains of the root in the ground. Depending on the size of the former tree, it takes a few years for the tree roots to decompose in the ground. The process can be accelerated by milling off and dividing the root.

In addition, you can sprinkle some compost starter and ripe compost into the holes created by the milling. This causes the tree roots to decompose much faster.


Digging up a tree root is a task that many gardeners feel unable to cope with. Often the whole garden is affected. It is usually better to just leave the tree stump and use it as a natural garden decoration.