How to irrigate balcony plants - tips & tricks

How to irrigate balcony plants - tips & tricks

Simply give balcony plants the bottle - this is how it works

For the installation of sophisticated irrigation systems, the necessary water and electricity connections are usually missing on the balcony or the tight budget does not allow the investment. This does not mean that balcony plants have to thirst during the day when the gardener devotes himself to making a living. You can easily build an automatic water supply yourself from a thick-walled plastic bottle and a simple attachment. This is how it works:

  • Fill the PET bottle with water
  • Screw a clay cone (e.g. from Blumat) onto the screw thread
  • Insert the bottle with the watering cone upside down into the substrate
  • Poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle with a knitting needle
  • If there is a risk of tipping over, support the bottle with wooden skewers or bamboo sticks

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The IRISO drip system has further developed the water bottle idea. An additional plastic tip, which is connected to the water bottle cone via a hose, regulates the flow at the push of a button. The tip can be individually adjusted to 11 flow rates, tailored to the water requirements of the respective balcony plant.

Integrated water storage - more flexibility when pouring

Inverted plastic bottles for watering balcony plants are a thorn in the side of creative balcony gardeners. For an invisible automatic water supply, flower boxes (€ 13.19 at Amazon *) and buckets with integrated water storage are very popular.

Most models have a double bottom as a cistern, underground suction cones, overflow openings and a filler neck with a water level indicator. Thanks to this construction, you take care of the water supply when your time allows and not because of the pressure. It is advantageous that liquid fertilizer can also be administered without any problems via the filler neck.


In order to automatically water balcony plants while on vacation, it is not absolutely necessary to invest in a technically sophisticated irrigation system (€ 58.53 at Amazon *). The plants supply themselves with moisture for a short time via a self-made pipeline made of rolled kitchen paper that reaches into a bucket of water.

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