Put the yucca palm outside in summer

Put the yucca palm outside in summer

Put out the room yucca in warm weather

The giant palm lily (Yucca elephantipes) in particular can often be found in German living rooms. This warmth-loving yucca species grows particularly large, but is not hardy and quite sensitive to drafts. Nevertheless, you can safely cultivate the plant on the balcony or terrace or maybe even in the garden during the warm summer months - but in the tub, because you should never plant this species out. The Yucca elephantipes would freeze to death at temperatures around zero. A warm summer freshness will please you the plant with abundant health and strong growth.

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Protect indoor yucca from rain and wind outdoors

In order for your yucca to actually feel good, however, a number of conditions must be met. First of all, there is the right location: The Yucca elephantipes prefers a bright, warm and sheltered location. However, do not place the plant in direct sun immediately; get it used to it gradually. Otherwise, there will be unsightly brown spots on the leaves due to sunburn. You should also protect the plant from rain and wind, because the plant, which comes from rather dry regions, does not tolerate moisture.

At a glance: What to look out for when making outdoor yucca for indoor use

  • Put the yucca outside at temperatures above approx. 20 ° C.
  • The weather should be warm and dry.
  • A cold, wet summer is rather unsuitable for exposure.
  • The yucca needs a light and protected location.
  • She also likes to stand in full sun, but only after a period of getting used to it.
  • Otherwise there will be an unsightly sunburn on the leaves.
  • Do not forget about regular watering and fertilizing.
  • Get the yucca back into the house in time for autumn.
  • The houseplant is not hardy.

Garden yucca can be left outside all year round

If you want to cultivate a hardy yucca in the garden, you will surely find it in the group of palm lilies. Among the approximately 50 different species, there are some that are hardy and frost-hardy and even survive harsh winters. During the summer months, these garden yuccas often delight with impressive blooms.

Garden yuccas suitable for outdoor cultivation:

  • Yucca filamentosa (filamentous palm lily)
  • Yucca gloriosa (candle palm lily)
  • Yucca rostrata
  • Yucca glauca (blue-green palm lily)
  • Yucca baccata (blue palm lily)


In very cold or snowy winters, protect the garden yuccas with a garden fleece, for example. In spring, frozen or dried-out parts of the plant must be removed; the yucca will sprout again.