Simply extract basil seeds yourself - this is how it works

Simply extract basil seeds yourself - this is how it works

Abundant seed harvest requires abandoning the basil flavor

From July onwards, a basil plant tirelessly strives to develop a flower and then numerous seeds. Since she invests all her energy in this growth, the basil aroma falls by the wayside and becomes bitter. The gourmets among the hobby gardeners prevent bud formation by permanently harvesting the shoots. However, if you want to gain seeds for sowing, you can allow the pretty bloom.

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Instructions for harvesting seeds

If the white or pink flowers are coming to an end, ideally wait until they have completely withered. This way, the seeds have enough time to ripen and germinate. How to proceed:

  • Cut off the withered flower stalks
  • hold them individually over a bowl to wipe off flowers and seeds with your fingers
  • grind the mixture of petals and seeds between the palms of the hands

In the final step, a little patience is required because the mixture has to be sieved several times. As long as there are still crushed petals under the seeds, the process will persistently repeat.

How to properly store basil seeds

If the seeds were harvested successfully, the type of storage until the date of sowing is important. The freshly obtained seeds should first dry in a bowl for 2 to 3 days so that the last remaining moisture evaporates. A screw-top jar is ideal for storage or an airtight jar. It is important to note that the vessel is labeled with the plant name and date.

Tips & Tricks

A large community has formed among the hobby gardeners who garden consistently according to the lunar calendar. According to this, the basil seeds obtained yourself germinate much better if they are sown when the moon is waxing. Skeptics should at least give the ancient peasant wisdom a chance by trying.