Cut off hydrangea flowers or not?

Cut off hydrangea flowers or not?

Cut off what has faded

In order for the hydrangea to sprout new flowers quickly, you should regularly cut off what has faded. Use sharp rose scissors for this, which should be very clean. The cut is made directly below the umbel, above the next leaf base.

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Breaking it out is gentler on the hydrangea

The hydrangea will regenerate much faster if you carefully break out the flower umbels. This is very easy:

  • Grasp the hydrangea branch below the flower and above the next leaf axil with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Carefully break the drive off to the side using your fingernail.

Cut hydrangea flowers to dry

If you would like to use the hydrangea flowers as room decorations or for drying arrangements, they will be cut when they are largely ripe. So that the hydrangea flowers can be arranged attractively, you should cut them off with an eight-inch long style. You can then dry the flowers to make them durable.

Cut back in August

If you have broken out or cut off all the faded umbels in midsummer, you can thin out the hydrangea at the same time. This allows more light to get inside the hydrangea, which has a very positive effect on flower formation.


Do not cut off the faded inflorescences in autumn, but leave them on the plant until next spring. The faded umbels exude a morbid charm that fits well into the winter garden. At the same time, these protect the inflorescences that have already been created for the next year from frost damage.