What to do if the bamboo has yellow leaves

What to do if the bamboo has yellow leaves

Depending on the type of bamboo, the yellow color and the later, partial leaf fall in autumn are different. Still, you shouldn't worry about it. Your bamboo does not get sick and does not suffer from any deficiency. He is simply preparing for the coming cold time in winter. To do this, it frees itself from part of its leaves. As soon as the first autumn storm blows away the yellow leaves, it glows fresh green again. Don't worry, just look forward to the autumnal golden yellow leaves.

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Causes of yellow leaves in spring and summer

You should take a closer look at bamboo plants when the leaves turn yellow in spring or summer. Two bad causes that can be responsible:

Waterlogging causes the leaves to turn yellow

Too much waterlogging causes the roots to rot and the leaves turn yellow. Now, as with brown leaves on bamboo, it is imperative to act immediately. Remove the plant from the container or soil. The soil needs loosening and drainage. Raised hill planting can sometimes help quickly. With bamboo in a pot or as a container plant, check the openings for the water drainage and clean them if they are blocked.

Yellow leaves as a result of chlorosis

Acute nutrient deficiencies such as too little iron, magnesium, nitrogen or the salinization of the soil can result in chlorosis. A targeted application of fertilizer and an exchange of the bamboo soil help here.

Yellow leaves on the room bamboo

Yellow leaves on room bamboo also indicate too much moisture. If the irrigation water does not drain, the roots in the flower pot will rot. It is best to pot the plant and search the roots for dark, rotten spots. If there are any, cut them with a clean knife down to the healthy, light-colored roots.

Then plant the bamboo with fresh soil or humus. A partially shaded place in the sun supports the regeneration of the plant. New shoots and fresh green leaves will sprout at the latest in the next growing season in spring.

If you want to do something good for your bamboo plants, treat them to a shower every now and then or spray them on. Because the bamboo absorbs a lot of moisture through the leaves. A shower also removes dust and bugs. Make sure that the undersides of the leaves are also adequately showered.

Tips & Tricks

Only fertilize newly acquired bamboo plants after a year. As a rule, the plants are pre-fertilized and have been supplied with all the important nutrients by the breeder.