When is persimmon ripe?

When is persimmon ripe?

The persimmon fruits are about the size of apples and have a round, slightly oval or flattened shape. In their appearance they sometimes resemble the large beefsteak tomatoes. The fruits taste sweet, contain a lot of vitamin A and have a high nutritional value. The persimmon fruits can be found in the fruit departments of the supermarkets all year round under different names:

  • Sharon,
  • Persimmon or
  • Persimmon.

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Ripe and unripe fruits

The fruits differ not only in shape and color, but also according to their origin. Most of the kakis come to us from Asia. A ripe persimmon has a jelly-like, very soft pulp that shimmers through the skin with a glassy, ​​shiny appearance. An unripe persimmon is hard and has a high tannin content, so the fruit causes a furry feeling in the mouth. The tannins decrease as the degree of ripeness progresses.

If you come across such a fruit, briefly storing the persimmon in the freezer will help to get rid of the bitter taste. However, the flesh becomes very soft when exposed to frost. The sharon and persimmon fruits, on the other hand, are edible even when they are hard, as these varieties contain practically no bitter tannins. They can also be stored for a long time.

Post-ripening and consumption

In commercial cultivation, the fruits are harvested unripe. In this way, they can be stored for a long time and transported far. Immediately before they are sold, they are ripened using the ripening gas. As a result, the fruits lose their tannins without losing their firm consistency.

The skin of the persimmon fruit is firm, smooth and shiny. It can be eaten without hesitation and gives the otherwise very soft fruit a bit of “bite”. However, if you find the firm consistency disturbing, you can cut the fruit open and spoon it out so that the peel is not eaten with it.

Tips & Tricks

The persimmon is a berry fruit and is also known as persimmon plum, Chinese date plum, Japanese persimmon.

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