This location does justice to a peony!

This location does justice to a peony!

Gladly situated in a sunny location

Although peonies grow well in the sun, given a choice, they would pick a shady location. The place to grow and thrive can be located under light deciduous trees. We recommend locations where the peonies are not exposed to the blazing midday sun.

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Areas to plant peonies

A peony looks splendid as a solitaire on an open lawn. But even on the wayside, in the background of the garden, in the fence area and in the bed, it does not fail to have an effect during the flowering period. It can even thrive on a balcony or terrace, as long as the location is not directly south and totally protected.

A suitable substrate on site

The soil at the site also plays no minor role. Peonies are not particularly fond of heavy, clayey or very sandy, light soils. In the former, they suffer from dampness and rot, in the latter from drought. Medium-heavy soils with a high clay content are better.

It is also advantageous if you plant your peony in a substrate with the following characteristics:

  • well permeable
  • rich in humus
  • medium to high nutritional content
  • moderately moist
  • weakly acidic to weakly alkaline


If you want to plant your peony in a tub, only deep pots should be considered! The peony develops deep roots and needs a bucket at least 40 cm deep.