Build it yourself or buy a foil greenhouse?

Build it yourself or buy a foil greenhouse?

Since prefabricated greenhouses are quite expensive on the market, many skilled allotment gardeners often ask themselves whether building a foil greenhouse yourself would also be a way of growing your own young plants in the spring weeks. Self-designed film constructions also offer a wealth of personal design freedom and special structural parameters usually do not have to be taken into account in such a small greenhouse.

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Easy to set up and affordable

In contrast to the glass-covered greenhouses, a plastic greenhouse can do without foundations entirely. Simple variants, which can also be accessible, can be built cost-effectively and similar to a tunnel . And a wooden or metal frame as a foil-bearing frame can be built by yourself in a few hours. If higher quality and a longer service life are desired, it is better to use high-quality materials, especially when it comes to the cover film for the roof and walls.

Foil greenhouse as a kit from the trade

If you cannot or do not want to build a plastic greenhouse yourself, you will find prefabricated kits in many sizes and qualities in specialist garden shops. The enclosed assembly instructions make it very easy for the hobby gardener to assemble the individual parts properly in a reasonable time. The decisive disadvantage: Finished small greenhouses are sometimes outrageously expensive and those who order online must also expect not inconsiderable transport costs.

Preparation of the garden area

Building your own greenhouse has the not insignificant advantage that you can plan the size in terms of area and height (important for working as upright as possible!) According to your own ideas and individually adapt the space in the garden. It is best to choose an area that is as partially shaded as possible and that you know that the garden soil will match the planned planting. Particularly important: the floor surface should be as flat as possible . This is not just for visual reasons (after all, not everything is straight in nature!), But should help prevent large accumulations of water from the last driving rain in the interior of the self-built foil greenhouse.

Build tools for the foil greenhouse yourself

In preparation of the area for building the greenhouse, you should at least prepare a simple construction plan, according to which the area is measured and straightened. According to the intended crops, the intended area can then be precisely staked out and marked with laths . This gives a more precise picture of how the planned construction of the foil greenhouse will later harmonize with the rest of the garden landscape.

Measuring and marking tools for building preparation

Depending on the size and working height of the greenhouse, the following are required:

  • Tape measure or folding rule for measuring;
  • long spirit level;
  • Straightedge and hose level (especially for larger greenhouses);
  • Pegs and a guideline (€ 4.86 at Amazon *) (for setting out lines and heights);
  • Tools for necessary manual leveling work (wheelbarrow, spade, shovel, pickaxe);


For self-builders of foil greenhouses, the specialist trade has a wide range of stable connection systems for plugging and screwing, which offer the necessary stability for self-construction. After all, the new plant house should also withstand adverse weather conditions and protect your valuable plants.