Jasmin loves a sunny location

Jasmin loves a sunny location

The right location outdoors

  • Sunny to slightly shady
  • sheltered from the wind
  • not too damp

Jasmine can withstand full midday sun outdoors and feels particularly comfortable doing it. Therefore, place the plant on a sunny terrace or a south-facing balcony.

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Jasmin doesn't get wind and too much rain. Protect the ornamental plant from excessive drafts and heavy downpours.

The right location in the room

  • Sunny
  • protected from the direct midday sun
  • airy

As much as the jasmine likes the blazing sun - if you take care of it in the flower window, you have to shade the place a little at noon.

The window glass acts like a burning glass and leaves brown stains on the leaves.

Jasmin needs a location that you can ventilate well. Otherwise the actually robust plant suffers very quickly from diseases and above all from pests. Ventilate the window at least twice a day.

Jasmine must be wintered cool

In contrast to scented jasmine or false jasmine, real jasmine is not hardy. In winter, the ornamental plant must be overwintered in a cool but frost-free place.

The temperatures at the location in winter should not exceed 10 degrees, because the jasmine will then not bloom in the next year.

Jasmine is summer green and sheds its leaves in autumn. Nevertheless, you should overwinter it lightly.


Jasmine makes no great demands on the plant substrate. Normal garden or potting soil with little ripe compost is sufficient for planting. To avoid waterlogging, you should mix in some expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or sand.