The best fast growing fruit trees

The best fast growing fruit trees

With fruit trees, patience is required

You will probably not be able to harvest apples, pears, plums or even peaches and nectarines in the first year after planting. It can easily take three years for such a tree to develop enough fruit wood and create reserves for the arduous task of fruiting. However, this is not only due to the supposedly slow growth of the trees, but also to a large extent to the necessary training pruning. However, despite all your impatience, you should not do without this pruning, because it ensures pleasant growth and a rich harvest in the future. Without pruning, your fruit tree will only bear little fruit, as less fruit wood has developed.

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Fast-growing fruit trees for the impatient

However, by choosing the right trees, the harvest can go faster.

Sweet cherries

Sweet cherries in particular are known to be fast growing. The old saying “whoever plants a cherry must learn to climb quickly” already indicates this. However, cherries take up a lot of space and have special soil requirements. For a high trunk you have to calculate about 60 to 80 square meters, and rapid growth and a high yield can only be expected in deep, well-supplied, nutrient-rich and well-aerated soil. Furthermore, a sweet cherry tree is not enough, because with a few exceptions such as 'Sunburst' all varieties are self-sterile and require a suitable pollinator tree. If you don't have that much space in the garden, choose a column cherry or a spindle bush.

Berry bushes

Currants, too, tend to produce fruit quickly, whereas raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries often take a little longer. Nevertheless, a harvest can be expected faster with a bush fruit than with a classic fruit tree.


The bright red fruits of mountain ash or rowan berries are not only enjoyed by our feathered friends: You can also use them to make liqueurs, compotes or jams. Mountain ash trees are considered to be extremely fast-growing and will soon provide a pleasant garden decoration in every season.


Instead of buying a small fruit tree, you can buy a real, large tree right away - of course, it does not need years to grow in size. Finished trees are quite expensive, however, as they have been tended in the nursery for many years.