Plant on clay soil

Plant on clay soil

Hedges and shrubs that love clay soil

SurnameLocationFlower colorHeydayStatureWinter hardiness
BarberrySunny to partial shadeGolden yellow, red fruitsMay to June0.5 to 3mWell hardy
ligusterUndemanding, sunny to shadyWhite, black, slightly poisonous fruitsMay to June1.5 to 4.5mWell hardy, evergreen
ThujaSunny, partially shaded or shadyNondescriptApril to MayDepending on the subspecies up to 5, 10 or 20mVery hardy
HornbeamNot very demandingInconspicuous, yellowMay to JuneUp to 25mWell hardy
Linden treeSummer linden tree partially shaded or sunny, winter linden tree partially shaded to shadyNondescriptMay to JulyDepending on the species up to 15 or 40mVery hardy
DogwoodProtected, partially shadedWhite, yellow or pinkMay to JuneUp to 3mWell hardy
Ornamental cherryFull sunpinkMarch to May7 to 10mWell hardy

Perennials that like clay soil

SurnameFlower colorFlowering timeHardy
High flame flowerPink, white, purple, redJune to SeptemberYes
Sun brideOrange-yellowJuly AugustYes
Sun eyeyellowJune to SeptemberYes
Raubled AsterpinkSeptember to OctoberYes
BergeniaRed, pinkSpring and autumnYes
China meadow ruevioletJuly to SeptemberYes
Candle knotweedredAugust to OctoberYes
CranesbillWhite or purpleMay to JuneYes
Splendid sparDifferent colorsMay to JuneYes
Autumn monkshoodBluish to purple in colorSeptember to OctoberYes

Plant vegetables in the clay soil

Fruits and vegetables need lots of nutrients in order to thrive and bear fruit. Therefore, clay soil is generally unsuitable for growing fruit and vegetables. So if you want to grow vegetables on your loamy soil, you should prepare it accordingly.

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Loosen up the clay soil

So that plants other than the above-mentioned plants also grow on the clay soil, you should loosen it up. To do this, dig a lot, really a lot, sand and humus or compost under the ground and mix everything well.