Creating a garden on a new building plot - tips for the small budget

Creating a garden on a new building plot - tips for the small budget

Plan comprehensively - realize in stages

A tight budget is no reason to miss out on the garden of your dreams. Your green kingdom with a splendid ornamental garden and high-yield kitchen garden does not come into being overnight. You should therefore give your vision a concrete form as part of comprehensive planning.

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The implementation will take place in stages over the next few years. The first steps to reclaim the property require a lot of energy and time. A high financial outlay is not necessarily associated with this pioneering phase. Cost-intensive work, such as paving or masonry, can be bridged inexpensively with simple interim solutions. For example, sidewalks on the site are laid out with gravel or bark mulch before the money is available for paving work.

Peace is a top priority - this is what you should pay attention to

Protection from prying eyes is at the top of the list of important tasks in the new garden. A near-natural enclosure made of bushes is very popular with new home owners. Since trees as tall as a man have a high price, proceed as follows:

  • Buy fast-growing shrubs as small root products, such as hornbeam or forsythia for 1 euro each
  • Put the young plants in the loosened, compost-enriched soil in autumn
  • Set up inexpensive reed mats with a height of 200 cm facing the street and the neighbors

With this trick you can enjoy your privacy in the new garden right from the start and you can wait in peace until the bushes have reached an opaque height.

The ideal solution to get started - the combined ornamental and kitchen garden

As a home gardener fresh in office, we recommend a trial and study phase to get started. The classic shape of the cottage garden offers you the ideal opportunity for this. For this purpose, create four beds of the same size with a crossroads.

You grow vegetables in the individual beds, sorted according to high eaters, medium eaters and low eaters. Because the vegetable species change the bed every year, the soil does not leach out. Sow flower seeds between the vegetables as you wish, from A for columbines to Z for zinnias. You can read about exactly how the ingenious concept of the cottage garden works here.


The family garden is only complete when a corner has been set up for your children to play and run around. A swing, a playhouse and a sandpit make the start. Climbing frames and other attractions are added later, if the financial means allow it. If your children have outgrown the playing age, a turf covers the sandy area in no time and the playhouse becomes a tool shed.