How to cut thuja in a spiral

How to cut thuja in a spiral

Cut the thuja in a spiral

As a hedge, thuja provides a good privacy screen in the garden. But the tree of life also cuts a fine figure as a topiary. Above all, spheres or spirals are chosen as the shape.

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The tree tolerates pruning very well and can be pruned all year round, except in frost.

The tool you need

As a tool you will need:

  • clean secateurs
  • small saw
  • line
  • template

Electrical devices are not suitable because they will not allow you to cut accurately enough. Make sure that the devices are very clean so that you do not transmit diseases.

You can get a template from a specialist store or you can make one yourself from cardboard or wire.

This is how you get a spiral shape

Tie a cord at the top of the tree of life and run it in a spiral shape around the thuja. Alternatively, create the template.

Now cut along the string so that the cuts become thinner towards the inside. Avoid cutting behind the green, as the arborvitae will not sprout there again.

As a tip, cut the thuja either in a cone shape or you shape a ball. There are wire stencils for the spherical shape that are simply slipped over the crown.

The best time to cut the thuja

Cut the main shape in spring. You give the tree of life the desired shape.

Later you only have to remove any protruding shoots. You should also occasionally cut out transversely growing branches so that the thuja gets enough air and light.

Never cut in direct sunlight, as the cut will turn brown. The thuja branches should also not be soaked to prevent fungal spores from entering the cut wounds.


If you do not trust yourself to cut the thuja as a spiral yourself, you can buy appropriate trees of life in stores. These are pre-cut and only need to be recut from time to time.