Removing tree fungi - when and how does it make sense?

Removing tree fungi - when and how does it make sense?

How do the mushrooms get into the tree?

Tree fungi are living things that are made up of a fungal network and fruiting bodies. With the help of their spores, the fungi penetrate the wood and pervade the entire tree with a fluffy white network, the mycelium. Only at a very advanced stage do the fruiting bodies appear on the bark as the visible component. These serve only for reproduction by producing new spores and spreading them in the garden.

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Preventing instead of fighting - this is how it works

If the fruiting bodies of tree fungi appear, the fungal plexuses in the wood have been up to mischief for years. Fighting the uninvited guests is therefore rarely crowned with success. By denying the cunning spores access to the wood, you effectively prevent a fungal attack on trees. The following measures make a valuable contribution to fungus prevention:

  • Adjust the location precisely to the species-specific needs
  • Water and fertilize trees appropriately without causing waterlogging or drought stress
  • Avoid all kinds of wounds when planting, caring for and cutting
  • Do not mulch tree grate in autumn and winter

One of the most important preventive measures is to dig up and remove the entire rootstock every time you clear a tree. Numerous tree fungi target dead wood in order to settle here and spread in the garden.

Fight tree fungi successfully in the early stages - this is how it works

Removing the colorful fruiting bodies of tree fungi usually does not help recovery. Only in the early stages are there any prospects of extending the lifespan of the affected tree by several years. If the fruiting bodies sprout on secondary branches, cut them back into the healthy wood. Spore carriers on the trunk and main branches are removed before maturity without damaging the bark.


Root wounds are one of the most common sources of danger for tree fungus infection. The main culprit is the lawnmower's cutter bar when the grass is mowed on the tree grate. You can avoid this risk by covering the root disc with bark mulch, lawn paving stones or paving stones.