The maintenance of the Medinilla magnifica is very complex

The maintenance of the Medinilla magnifica is very complex

What should be considered when watering the Medinilla magnifica?

  • The root ball must always be slightly damp
  • Waterlogging is to be avoided
  • Use lime-free water at room temperature

Medinilla magnifica does not tolerate any lime, neither in the substrate nor in the irrigation water. You should therefore only use stale water, preferably rainwater that must not be too cold.

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Never leave water in the saucer or planter, but pour it off immediately.

How do you fertilize Medinilla magnifica?

The medinille is fertilized during the flowering phase. To do this, add liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water once a week. But you can also provide enough nutrients with chopsticks or slow release fertilizers.

How do you cut a medinille?

  • Remove bare shoots
  • Cut off dead flowers
  • Shorten branches that are too close together
  • Cut cuttings for propagation

In principle, the medinille does not have to be cut. However, the pruning can stimulate the growth of new shoots. If wilted flowers are cut, the flowering time is extended.

When is it time to repot?

Medinilla magnifica is very fast-growing and needs a larger pot every two to three years. It is repotted in the spring before flowers form.

Carefully remove the plant from the old container as the branches break very easily.

Which diseases and pests occur?

Root rot is caused by waterlogging. Watch out for pests like mealybugs, scale insects, and spider mites.

How do you care for Medinilla magnifica in winter?

So that the Medinilla magnifica can develop new flowers, you have to put it a little cooler in winter. Temperatures around 15 degrees are ideal. It must not get cooler than 13 degrees, and the humidity must remain high enough.

During the winter, the plant is less watered and no longer fertilized. In the spring, carefully start increasing the amount of water again.


As difficult as it is to care for the Medinilla magnifica, it is easy to reproduce. To do this, all you need to do is cut cuttings seven to ten centimeters in length. Roots form after just a few weeks.