Peonies on the balcony? How can this work?

Peonies on the balcony? How can this work?

Balconies that are suitable for a peony culture

If you want to put a peony on your balcony, you should keep in mind that these plants don't like stagnant heat. This is not uncommon on south-facing balconies in summer. The temperatures rise to over 40 ° C. These plants suffer from this. Therefore, it is recommended that you only grow peonies on balconies facing east or west.

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Find a suitable planter and fill it with soil

Can you find a suitable location? Then after buying the peony you can go straight to planting in a tub. Only large tubs with a capacity of at least 10 liters are suitable as planters. The bucket should be deep enough as peonies are deep-rooted. Terracotta buckets are good.

In general, you should keep in mind that shrub peonies are easier to cultivate on the balcony than perennial peonies. How to plant them depending on the species:

  • Perennial peonies: Cover the buds a maximum of 5 cm with soil
  • Shrub peonies: Place the grafting point 5 to 10 cm deep under the ground

What care does the peony need on the balcony?

It is not uncommon for peonies to not bloom in the tub on the balcony. Even the best care doesn't help. But you should definitely take these into account during care:

  • keep soil moistured
  • From March to August fertilize every 1 to 2 weeks
  • Cut off dead flowers
  • Cut down perennial peonies in autumn

Precautions are required in winter. Peonies are hardy per se. But on the balcony their roots would freeze to death without protection. After you have cut them back, put them on the house wall and cover them with sticks or: plant them out!


In the meantime, there are small-sized peonies that are perfect for growing in pots. These include, for example, the 'Little Medicine Man' variety.