Apricot tree: recognize diseases in good time and act

Apricot tree: recognize diseases in good time and act

Frost wrench

This pest is a common butterfly. The caterpillars of this species are particularly dangerous.


  • Leaves and fruits: pitted and perforated
  • Leaves and flowers: woven together

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Bacillus thuringiensis preparations can be used on warm days. Natural enemies of the frost wrench are native great tits. Put a small bird house on the apricot tree. Perhaps the birds are interested in your shelter and use the good food source on site.


The cause of frizz is a stubborn fungus. You have to take action against him at the beginning of the year. The spraying of solutions containing copper or the use of natural agents have proven effective.


  • young leaves: discolour, blistered surface
  • Fruits and leaves die off

Treatment is only effective if it is finished before the bud threshold. If you miss this point in time, all affected leaves, twigs and fruits must be completely removed. Be sure to throw them into normal household waste.

Shotgun Sickness

Many a gardener can sing a sad song about the famous Loch disease.


  • Leaves: round, brown spots (dead tissue), then small holes

Fungicides have proven to be effective in combating this disease. Biological alternatives are agents with additives made of clay, copper or network sulfur. For prevention, put onions or cloves of garlic under the apricot tree.

Bacterial burn

This disease can be identified by various symptoms.

Identifiable at first glance:

  • Leaf edge: small brown spots
  • Result: the leaves die off
  • Fruits: black spots
  • increasing resin excretion
  • visible depressions in the tree bark

To this day, bacterial burn cannot be fully combated. For this reason, preventive methods play a special role. For this purpose, gardeners white the trunk of the apricot tree. In addition, spraying copper solutions can protect against the infectious disease.

Tips & Tricks

Breeds are producing more and more resistant apricot varieties. However, individual fruit trees are only ever resistant to one specific disease.