Where you are guaranteed to find the coveted edible morels

Where you are guaranteed to find the coveted edible morels

Here you have to look

Stream and river meadows surrounded by forest are ideal locations for the tasty morels. Left and right of the water, mainly under alders and ash trees, the morel grows well hidden in the green undergrowth. The coveted mushroom can often be found as early as April. However, the closely related pointed morel is far more common and much easier to find. It often grows in the bark mulch of front gardens as well as in coniferous forests, on forest meadows and on the edges of forests. The Spitz morel is often found in the vicinity of bracken.

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Which types of morel are edible

The differences between the edible morel and the May morel (also known as the yellow edible morel) are not very great. The table morel is smaller and not - like the May morel - evenly yellowish in color, but when young it is dark brown, later gray-brown and often with rust-colored spots on the ribs. The gray to black-brown colored pointed morel is also edible, which differs from the other species by its conical hat shape and the vertically arranged longitudinal ribs.

Caution, poisonous! How to tell the difference between morels and lorels

If you want to collect morels, you absolutely have to know what distinguishes them from the sometimes very poisonous lorels. To do this, you simply have to cut the fruit body lengthways: if it is completely hollow on the inside and looks like a honeycomb on the outside, it is a morel. If, on the other hand, it is chambered on the inside and has a rather shriveled appearance on the outside, it is a poisonous Lorchel species. The autumn Lorchel is almost completely white, while the deadly poisonous Spring Lorchel is reddish brown in color.


Morels should definitely be dried or parched, as this gives them an unmistakably delicious aroma. Dried morels taste suspiciously gourmet in a cream sauce made from cream, whole milk and sour cream or crème fraîche, which is only seasoned with salt, pepper, a little nutmeg and a dash of Worcester sauce. If you want to make the cream sauce even more hearty, add glassy braised onion and bacon cubes.