How to cut your aloe vera

How to cut your aloe vera

Aloe vera is cultivated outdoors in regions with tropical and subtropical climates. The plants for commercial cultivation grow on huge plantations and are harvested for gel production after three to four years. They can reach a stately size both in width and in height. Such unchecked growth is not absolutely desirable for a room arousal, if only for reasons of space.

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Remove side shoots regularly

Every sexually mature aloe vera plant forms offshoots over time. These either grow directly on the trunk of the mother plant or are anchored in the substrate with their own roots from the outset. These side shoots are used to multiply the aloe vera or - if the need for additional plants is to be met - they are removed so that the mother plant does not become excessively wide.

Cut the outer leaves

Aloe vera is constantly rejuvenating by constantly sprouting new leaves from its center. The outer leaves die off every now and then. The renewal process can be helped a little by harvesting the outer leaves regularly. The gel obtained from it can be used for skin care or eaten. It can also be used to obtain cuttings for propagation:

  • score the sheet with a sharp knife as close as possible to the ground,
  • carefully bend or cut off the sheet,
  • keep the wound as small as possible,
  • cut the sheet into pieces,
  • Plant the leaf pieces after they have dried.


If the outer leaves of your aloe plant turn yellow, do not worry about the older plants as they tend to form a stem over the years. In the case of younger plants, however, it can mean that they have been watered too much.