How to grow bell peppers from mild to hot

How to grow bell peppers from mild to hot

What you should know about paprika & Co.

Even plant professionals not only go into raptures, but sometimes swim when it comes to the genus paprika (Capsicum). The pods are all related. The difference between paprika, hot peppers and chilli can be seen in the spices made from them: Chilli peppers and hot peppers are spice peppers. They serve as the basis for the production of chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika powder in all variations. In contrast, paprika is mainly used as a vegetable in the kitchen.

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Bell pepper cultivation at the right time in the right place

Although peppers originally come from warm Central and South America, they are also grown in our latitudes. Provided the location and time correspond to the requirements of the plants. How to do it.

The sunnier the location, the faster the fruits grow and ripen. Ideally on a south wall, sheltered from the wind, in the garden, on a balcony or terrace. Prepare the location for permanent residence. Fill the bed or planters with fine crumbly soil and compost. So the plants do not need any fertilizer in the beginning.

The ideal time to grow peppers is in the greenhouse from March and in the open air from mid-May. Only when there is no longer any risk of frost in the ground can pricked young plants get out into the fresh air. To do this, gradually put the peppers outdoors longer during the day and get used to temperature differences.

Proper care makes all the difference when growing peppers

During the growing season, peppers need a lot of space, warmth, light, air and the right care. So that they thrive outdoors and the roots do not spread too densely, but rather use the necessary plant spacing. Support each plant with a bamboo stick so that the growing pods can find support.

Peppers in pots or tubs: the plants thrive best in a tub on the balcony. No waterlogging should collect in the planters. Plant a maximum of one or two peppers in a 10 liter container.

During the summer months, pepper plants swallow a lot of water. Therefore water sufficiently and correctly. Make sure that they neither dry out nor suffer from waterlogging. As heavy consumers, they should also be fertilized with nutrients such as potash (wood ash), a little nitrogen (horn shavings) and nettle broth or supplied with a long-term fertilizer during the season.

Depending on the weather and the type of paprika, you can only harvest and enjoy the spicy green peppers from July to October and the sweet, red, fully ripe peppers around 3 weeks later. Do not tear off the peppers but cut them with a sharp knife.

Tips & Tricks

It is called “the” pepper when referring to the plant and “the” pepper when talking about the fruit.