Recognize and use wild garlic flowers

Recognize and use wild garlic flowers

Recognize wild garlic blossoms

The wild garlic flowers from around April to May, but the exact flowering time depends on factors such as the weather and the regional climate. The brilliant white flowers ensure that extensive stocks of wild garlic at locations in the forest are visible from afar. The flowers grow on their own stalk about 30 centimeters from the ground and can take on a spherical shape due to the composition of up to twenty individual flowers on about 2 centimeters long flower stalks. Since the wild garlic in the forest is often mixed with other plants, an odor test should always be carried out in order to avoid confusion with poisonous neighboring plants, despite the identification based on the flowers. To do this, rub a sheet between your fingers,until the intense garlic-like smell is perceptible as evidence of the presence of wild garlic.

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Process the buds

In addition to the leaves, the flowers of the wild garlic are also edible in various phases of development. The season for harvesting the young wild garlic buds is very short, as the flowers develop relatively quickly after the stem has grown up. If you discover the buds still closed at the right time, you can harvest them and pick them like capers. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

  • Wild garlic buds
  • Herb vinegar
  • a bit of salt

The buds are first boiled with the salt and the herb vinegar, before the vinegar is boiled again after the buds have been strained. This boiling of the herb vinegar is repeated again after about three days, before the mixture matures in the glasses in the dark and in a cool place for about two weeks.

Tips & Tricks

The wild garlic blossoms that have already bloomed can also be used for seasoning in the kitchen, although a rather economical dosage is recommended due to the intense taste.